Is Online Bill Paying TransPromo’s Number On Enemy?

By | May 30, 2008

Graphic Arts Monthly has a short blurb on an Arizona utility attempts to have customers switch to online statements:

Electric company Arizona Public Service Co. (APS) wants to stop printing and mailing monthly bills. The utility company is encouraging its 1.1 million customers to receive bills online.

In the first week of campaign only a small percentage signed up for paperless bills:

But the utility has a long way to go. In the first week of its campaign, just 1,000 people opted for paperless bills. APS teamed with the Tree Research and Education Endowment Fund ; for each customer that switches to paperless billing through June, APS donates $1 to the fund.

Will the cost savings from reduced printing and distribution outweigh the marketing benefits that will be lost by not targeting customers with personal transpromotional communication?

A study last year conducted by Zoomerang for InfoPrint suggested that marketers were not effectively targeting customers.

The Arizona Public Service story highlights a perfect opportunity for a TransPromo print service provider to step in an provide a consultative sale that will help the utility see monthly statements as a revenue source and not just a cost of doing business.

An electric utility may not have many products or services to sell from its own portfolio, but there are related products and services that provide a good advertising fit. The utility could:

  • Sell ad space to local companies that help customers make their home or business more energy efficient.

  • Team up with the local (or neighborhood – See Location-Intelligent TransPromo) hardware store to provide coupons for energy efficient compact fluorescent light (CFL) bulbs.

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