Transpromo Making Its Way Into Marketing Conversations

By | June 23, 2008

Transpromo is making its way into marketing conversations at at conferences, trade shows and in the boardroom according to recent article at MarketingProfs.

The article TransPromo Is Born makes the case for TransPromo or “onserts” as they refer to them:

ROI is the key driver for the success of TransPromo. Organizations face increased budgetary constraints, staffing issues, and both boardroom and investor demands for favorable quarterly returns. Business is focused on cost more than ever before, both on containment and measurement.

Leading-edge enterprises have been successfully, and quietly, achieving significant ROI on marketing spend using multiple tactics, including the elimination of additional inserts from statement envelopes, replacing them with a more sustainable option: onserts.

Read the rest of TransPromo Is Born at MarketingProfs .

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