August Digital Asset Directions

By | August 27, 2008

The August edition of the Océ’s Digital Asset Directions Web magazine is out.

Think Beyond Advertising

The part of TransPromo that gets the most attention these days is the concept of incorporating advertising messages into bills and statements. A credit card bill, for instance, could have offers for goods or services similar to those one typically purchases, or a car manufacturer could suggest new models as the end of a lease or loan approaches. While obvious, such applications only scratch the surface of TransPromo potential. Read More…

Easing the Transition to TransPromo

While TransPromo documents are highly effective vehicles for increasing the lifetime value of customer relationships, they can be complex to develop and launch. Achieving the maximum impact in a Trans-Promo campaign requires an understanding of variable content database management, dynamic application layout, white space management and digital color. It can include variable data application development involving thousands or even millions of unique pages, requiring proper planning, access to clean, up-to-date customer data, and a robust, production-class printing infrastructure. But if you aren’t able to do all this on your own, help is readily available. Read More…

State-of-the-Art Customer Experience

Océ’s new, 18,000 square foot Customer Experience Center, opened July 22 in Boca Raton, Florida is inspired by one of the company’s core values: Customer First. Find out more about this new Center.

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