Do you know what your junk mail is doing?

By | August 18, 2008

Over at Transpromo-Live, Lee asks a very important question: Do you know what your junk mail is doing?. A poll conducted by the site found that “56% of the respondents did not read any of the promotions (inserts or flyers) which accompanied their bills while 39% said they “sometimes” they read the flyers and only 6% said that they read the inserts.”

As pointed out in the article, this creates a lot of waste and creates an opportunity for embedding promotional messages within transactional documents.

Lee sums it up by ending with:

Wouldn’t it be easier to place the advertisement/relevant promotion and or educational messaging in the unused white space that already exists on the bill or statement? Hundreds of millions of trees a year could be saved using transpromo best practices.

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2 thoughts on “Do you know what your junk mail is doing?

  1. mark

    What the H^%$#*&, we want a bill to be only a bill, no junk attacked.
    If the advertising is not working, cut the project. And as for the trees, there
    grown just for that purpose. Make plywood instead of junk mail.

    You should have asked, do we need mail 6 days a week, how about two, really
    save some gas and labor.

  2. Bob Bierwagen

    I am reading with great interest the discussions re: Transpromo but what I have to ask given the hype toward investing in Transpromo tools is the reality that every company I get a paper statement from is working hard to move me to a digital statement – for purposes of saving cost on thier part for print & mail – or as a larger part of their Green initiatives.

    In five years (or less) anyone who wants a paper statement will likely have to pay for that privilege, and that will mean no paper. I hope readers are taking that into account as they develop thier strategic plans!

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