Notes from TransPromo Summit

By | August 14, 2008 Senior Editor Cary Sherburne has posted some notes from the first day of InfoTrends’ second annual TransPromo Summit. Sherburne reports that attendance is up 30% with about 400 people in attendance.

A theme set by Barb Pellow at the event is that of simplexity:

Industry veteran and InfoTrends Group Director Barb Pellow kicked off the session by introducing to the audience the concept of Simplexity – the title of a new book that talks about how complex things can be simple and simple things complex. This is the perfect concept to help kick TransPromo to the next level. The technology infrastructure for TransPromo is now the simple part. The complex part is more human-related—organizational issues, and even a lack of creativity and vision on the part of implementers.

Simplexity: The consumer sees a simple, elegant interface, and the complex inner workings make it all happen. This is the mantra for the future of TransPromo.

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