New Report Explores Advances in Automated Document Process Management

By | October 13, 2008

A new report from the Netherlands based market research firm Strategy Partners explores the advance in automated document process management:

The report describes the research done by Strategy Partners within Europe among a large number of organizations to identify the needs in automation of the current (office and high volume) document production and distribution processes. It will look at the influence of multi-channel, Going Green and other business trends. The results of the research are translated to practical solutions which can be implemented by organizations and managed service providers.

The traditional Print and Mail activities are changing rapidly. Due to the economic environment, business goals, technical developments and the market developments the requirements in communicating with internal and external customers is changing. The need to be able to communicate via the electronic media channels is increasingly becoming popular. The processes in the print and mail department are not dedicated any longer to paper printing and distribution. The market research shows that 25 percent of the respondents want to add multi-channel distribution to the current paper driven processes within the next two year. To optimize the production processes there is an upcoming requirement for Lean Six Sigma techniques. The implementation of an Automated Document Factory is also selected by 25 percent of the respondents as a implementation project for within the next two years. The Automated Document Factory is still valid solution, although the modern ADF requires electronic distribution capability, optimization based on Lean Six Sigma and integrated with ERP, CRM and other business applications.

The report (190 pages) is unique within the Enterprise Content Management, Output Management market research and analysis space. The first part of the report describes the history, market trends en developments in Output Management. Based on the discussions and on-line survey results a set of innovative solutions are discussed. The nature of these solutions is the practical usage and the quantifiable business benefits. The first part is ended with a template project plan and planning as support for the implementation of the discussed innovative solutions. The second part of the report describes the vendors who can deliver the technical and/or software components needed for the implementation.

You can download results from a user survey conducted as part of the study here.

The full report can be purchased from Strategy Partners.

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2 thoughts on “New Report Explores Advances in Automated Document Process Management

  1. Oscar Dubbeldam

    A typical response from someone who has no clue about what Automated Document Process Management is. If the reference is made with Variable Data Printing, I guess he listened to much to his print vendors. ADPM is refering to highly sophisticated solutions where traditional Print and Mail facilities are transformed to multi-channel delivery centres within tight SLA’s, compliance, planning, workflow and auditing requirements. The ADF is a nice start, but nothing more. I encourafe Robert to read the report to get some better insight in optimised print and mail environments.


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