Newspaper Printing Consolidation

By | October 7, 2008 published commentary from Andrew Tribute on the consolidation of newspaper printing in the UK and here in the US. In Is This the New Newspaper Production Model? (WhatTheyThink Membership Required) Tribute points to new mega printing plants like News Corporation’s massive Newsprinters operation in Broxbourne to the North of London:

To indicate the scale of these investments the greatest is from Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation with their new $1 billion printing plants including the massive Newsprinters operation in Broxbourne to the North of London. This facility is reputed to be the largest printing operation in the world.

This operation plus the two smaller plants in Manchester and Glasgow has the capability to print more than 20 million newspapers per day. This is just about the total newspaper requirements for every UK newspaper. While Newsprinters is the largest newspaper printing operation in the UK, and perhaps the world, there are a few others that also have capabilities of printing a huge number of newspapers. These are in particular the updated plants of Trinity Mirror and Associated Newspapers.

The consolidation of printing operations is one option struggling newspapers will turn to for print production. And probably the most likely situation we will see in the next couple of years.

Andy Gordon’s recent blog post on The case for the Individuated Newspaper here at the Digital Nirvana provides another option that creates new opportunity for newspapers to engage new audiences through targeted individualize news.

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