AlphaGraphics to Print Newspapers Digitally

By | November 3, 2008

Digital newspaper printing continues to make ground with a new partnership between Newsworld Corp. and AlphaGraphics to print copies of the U.K.’s Daily Mail and Mail On Sunday for the US market. From the press release:

David Renouf of Newsworld says: “On the back of our contract with Associated Newspapers and with the increasing levels of interest we continue to receive from publishers, we are delighted to be partnering with AlphaGraphics, a best-in-class organisation offering second- to-none levels of quality and service. Similarly, we have taken the necessary steps to invest in the appropriate technology to ensure the requirements of our existing and future clients can be met.”

David Kovacs of AlphaGraphics added: “Newsworld and AlphaGraphics could not be a better match for this partnership. We are both focused on leading the market by servicing client’s needs with technology and customer focused solutions. I am sure others will be watching with anticipation to see where we are able to take this venture. Marrying Newsworld’s vision and experience with our operational excellence was too good an opportunity to pass up.”

As Renouf noted in his comment, Newsworld signed a four-year contract earlier this year with Associated Newspapers Ltd. to print copies of the Daily Mail and Mail on Sunday in New York.

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One thought on “AlphaGraphics to Print Newspapers Digitally

  1. Michael Josefowicz

    This is the clearest example to date of the emerging distributed print infrastructure. It might mean that the best way to think of print manufacturers is as production nodes in local, national and global output networks.

    The good news is that clearly Print is not dead. Just changed. It might also mean the physical newspapers are not dead. Just changed. Newsworld has been distributing PDF’s of newspapers for a while. It is significant that they are moving to physical documents.

    As I understand it, the Screen presses allows them to output 48 page full color newspapers at a good enough price with good enough quality. I assume that there is Oce equipment that does something similar. Other digital equipment is optimized for other products. Posters and books.

    In the early days of VDP, we talked about personalization and versioning. Lately most of the discussion has been about personalization. My bet is that the real low hanging fruit is versioning for audiences for 30 to 250. “Culture” lives in groups of 30 and 250. Most important decisions are made in groups of 30 and 250.

    That’s where Print publications can really shine.

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