Who’s Using 100% Wind Power?

By | January 23, 2009

Who’s using 100% wind power? More printers than you might think. Recently, I did a Google search to see how many printers I could find. Just for fun, here’s the list.

What’s interesting is that many of these companies’ commitments to wind power are not recent. For many, the announcements go back to 2006. In the case of EcoPrint, the company has been using 100% wind since 2003.

Last last updated 1/29/09

Know any that I missed? List them below.

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6 thoughts on “Who’s Using 100% Wind Power?

  1. Mark Rogoz

    General Converting Inc, a folding carton manufacturer located in Bolingbrook, Illinois has been using 100% certified wind energy for the past two years.

  2. Bill Jourdan

    That is wonderful. Purchasing REC’s to support wind power growth is an admirable effort & expense, but it does not mean companies are “using 100% wind power”. There is a distinct difference. Unless a printer is powering his/her plant & presses by direct energy from a wind turbine/nearby wind farm…it is simply buying renewable energy credits. Outside of EcoPrint, I am unaware of any printer that is ACTUALLY powered 100% by wind. I’d love to know of others, if they exist.

    FYI, my 85 year old aunt who lives in Chicago…is 100% wind powered @ her condominium. Yes, she also purchases REC’s. Now that is impressive.

    Again, REC’s are a great environmental effort…but be careful what you claim to be “powered by”.

  3. Heidi Tolliver-Nigro Post author

    Once wind power is converted into electricity, I’m not sure how this electricity can be separated out from electricity created by other means. I understand the issue that much of the wind power never reaches large portions of the power grid, but if a customer in Florida wants to purchase wind power created in North Dakota through RECs, why does it matter where her electricity was actually generated? I understand the theoretical argument, but on the ground, I wonder if there really is a difference in any practical sense. I’m actually going to look into this further and report back on Digital Nirvana in a future post.

  4. Todd Truesdale

    Recycled Paper Printing is the nation’s oldest printer using exclusively recycled paper going back to 1983.

    We’ve been buying all our electricity from wind power for years.

    Thank you!
    Todd Truesdale

  5. Bob Lion

    Globe Lithographing, Ridgefield Park, NJ – We are also 100% Wind Powered for more than 1 year. This is through the purchase of Renewable Energy Credits (REC) purchased through Community Energy. Although we do not have the Turbines on our roof this purchase will be used for the further development of clean and renewable alternative sources of electricity. As more companies purchase this renewable resource the providers will have additional funds to build and maintain more turbines. For organizations like ours who do not have the avalability of Solar or Wind Turbines on our properties this is something we can do to make a difference. Our yearly purchase will remove over 1,000,000 pounds of Carbon Dioxide.

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