New Products Announced at Hunkeler innovationdays

By | February 17, 2009

February 16th–19th is Hunkeler is hosting 60 exhibitors representing digital printing and finishing at the company’s Hunkeler innovationdays in Lucerne Switzerland.

Andrew Tribute has published a few updates from the show at Print CEO including around up of some the product Announced at the show:

Hunkeler showed the latest implementation of its digital newspaper production system with its new POPP7 platform for handling web widths up 660 mm. This utilizes a new DC7 collator that collects the cut four page flat signatures, spot glues them before passing these sheets to the systems folder to produce the finished newspaper. This new 660 mm platform is also used for book production.

Kodak – The new products from Kodak were covered in depth in on Tuesday February 17. A brief summary however follows. The Kodak Versamark VL2000 drop on demand printing system is extended to add new models in either single or dual engine configurations. The Versamark VL4000 is a product that runs at 125 meters/min with a reduced quality and resolution of 600 x 360 dpi. The Versamark VL6000 is the new high-speed press working with additional printheads to give a speed of 150 meters/min with a 600 x 600 dpi. It also offers higher resolutions at a speed from 75 meters/min.
Kodak also launched the Nexpress Dimension Printing System that was previewed at drupa. This is the use of a clear toner printed from the fifth imaging station that provides a relief image that gives a realistic feel to print.

Infoprint Solutions – Infoprint Solutions introduced an upgrade to the Infoprint 5000 press to allow it to run at a speed of 128 meters/min instead of the normal speed of 64 meters/min. This is done by reducing the resolution of the press to print at a reduced quality at 720 x 360 dpi. This upgrade has been expected since Screen introduced this change to the Truepress Jet520 press at drupa.

Océ – Océ showed enhancements to both its electrophographic and inkjet continuous feed color presses. The ColorStream 10000 electrophotographic press is now available with a fifth color printing unit allowing for printing additional CustomTone applications. The JetStream product line is also offered with a fifth printhead to allow for printing MICR ink formulations. This approach differs from the new MICR facility offered on the Kodak Versamark VL2000/4000/6000 range where a MICR print unit OEM’d from another supplier is linked into the system.

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