The Newspaper Project

By | February 3, 2009

A group of newspaper executives have launched a new Web site to promote the exchange of information and ideas about the future of newspapers. The Newspaper Project will be devoted to “insightful articles, commentary and research that provide a more balanced perspective on what newspaper companies can do to survive and thrive in the years ahead.”

More information about the project at

Many newspapers are plagued with old and inefficient printing operations. Some are outsourcing their print, and others are turning to electronic media. There is an opportunity for Printers to benefit from these problems by providing modern printing and distribution strategies–from automated offset to print on-demand digital.

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3 thoughts on “The Newspaper Project

  1. Bryan Yeager

    I understand the point of this PR campaign, and it’s gotten some media coverage in the last few days. Regardless, I think it will gradually fade into the mix of noise about the newspaper industry. The money that was spent on this campaign could have been better-utilized exploring new technology and business models.

    Newspapers that are willing to go out on a limb and try new things will do more good for the industry as a whole than a PR campaign will. While that’s challenging to do in this economy, it’s also necessary in order to make it through.

  2. Tom LaRaymond

    Newspapers are no more immune to the vagaries of the Bush recession than any other business. As much as digital goobers would wish otherwise, newspapers will be putting ink on paper for as long as anyone reading this will continue breathing in and out. Nobody does local news better. When someone creates that model, then I’ll be concerned about the future of newspapers. Until then, I’ll continue reader multiple daily newspapers every day and the same 5 or 6 weeklies I’ve read for years.

  3. Michael J

    Tom and Bryan,
    I could use some help.

    I’m involved with a bunch of journalists,professors and “leaders of the Newspaper industry” at a Harvard hosted online discussion. As you might expect I’m the only Printer in the room. Meanwhile they are all blablablablabla with social media this and twitter that and other such nonsense.

    It would be awesome for some of the real world Print cavalry to ride in to fight the bs.

    You can get to it by following this link on my blog..

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