Printcasting Goes Live

By | March 17, 2009

Printcasting, the Knight News Challenge project that aims to “allow individuals to easily create ad-supported, customized publications with a mix of local news and information” has launched in beta at the in Bakersfield, California:

This week we publicly launched Printcasting in Bakersfield, California. While our focus is on outreach to the 330,000 people who live there, anyone can now use the site to create an automatically updating, printable PDF magazine.

More infomation about Printcasting at

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4 thoughts on “Printcasting Goes Live

  1. Tom Webster

    Thanks for the shoutout, Adam. If you or anyone else has any questions, let me know.

    Tom Webster
    Technology Evangelist

  2. Dan Pacheco

    Thanks, Adam. You don’t miss anything in the digital printing space, do you? Since you’re the expert in print on demand (I still have your study on my desk), please try Printcasting out and give us your feedback so we can make it better. Thanks to the Knight Foundation we have 15 months to improve it during test marketing in Bakersfield, and hopefully many, many more cities. -Dan Pacheco

  3. Michael J


    Good to bring Printcasting to our printer audience. If it scales, and given the work these folks have done so far, I’m thinking it will. This could be a real shot in the arm for local printers.

    My only worry is that when the Printcasters call, the printers won’t have time to answer the phone.

  4. Richard Wright

    The concept is very interesting. Let’s extend the concept to have content aggregators provide subscribers printed hard copy of their personalized subscription. Maybe not an everyday delivery, perhaps weekly.

    Seems like an excellent application for digital continuous feed mono print engines. Many of these are currently underutilized and affordable.
    While it won’t cause the presses to fire up, it’s a logical twist on the newspaper biz.

    Richard Wright

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