Trends in Transpromo

By | March 11, 2009

Elizabeth Gooding of Insight Forums on trends in transpromo

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2 thoughts on “Trends in Transpromo

  1. Gary Ampulski

    People who have been around the statement business for any period of time know that the “transpromo” concept (converting insterts to onserts) has been around for at least 12 years. In fact, back in the mid ’90s, Moore’s Business Communication Services was printing coupons for four of Bank One’s credit card portfolios and coupons for Mrs. Field’s cookies were being printed for some of the CitiBank credit card statements. This was in addition to the traditional insert offers packaged in the Outgoing Mail Envelope (OME). On top of that, there is a whole infrastructure around producing statements flawlessly (including SAS 70 II, six sigma error tracking, application programing, intelligent inserting, etc.) required to be competitive.

    What is creating the buzz in recent years, is the cost of full variable color printing coming down so dramatically with Xerox, HP, Oce and other production printers. So it is natural for these hybrid (statement plus direct mail) applications to get so much attention hyped by enthusiastic equipment suppliers. To add to the excitement, is the fact that the document owners are finally starting to develop the data analytics for what makes the offer so relevant which makes transpromo so promising.

    In the meantime, the poor direct mail provider is trying to figure out “do I make the investment in infrastructure to deliver a creditable solution?” Alternatively, the statement guy is asking “do I make the investment in new technology to deliver a quality promotional piece?” And once there is some appreciation for what is required in a complete solution, everyone is asking “Who do we partner with to provide the data and analytics that drives all of this?”

    Its encouraging to see some early adopters, but until the data analytics and optimization question that drives the ROMI is answered, we all run the risk of not having a well conceived strategy for success.

  2. TransPromo

    Trans promo printing accomodates a hybrid sponsorship method of a bill or statement. By hybrid – pulling in content of the web, targeting consumer, pulling in PURL tracking and repeating it 12 times a year, we can precisely monitor exact consumer behaviour.

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