2009 TransPromo Summit

By | June 11, 2009

The 2009 edition of InfoTrends’ popular TransPromo Summit is right around the corner: August 13-14 at the Hyatt Regency Boston. The Summit is the place to be to beyond the hype and buzz of TransPromo and see real world applications and discuss TransPromo applications with print service providers, marketers, and vendors.

InfoTrends Road Map 2009: TransPromo Service concluded: “The year 2009 will be an exciting one for TransPromo and will likely include everything from implementation discussions to sales force education to potential mergers and acquisitions. The continued delivery of new inkjet production color devices will certainly have an impact on the TransPromo opportunity, as well as its appeal to marketers. Reductions in overall customer print spend will encourage service providers to get creative with higher-value applications. Effective applications can deliver the return on investment of which customers are becoming ever more conscious.”

According to InfoTrends the market for TransPromo communications printed in full color will reach 12.8 billion impressions by 2012. Their market research found 95% of statements are open and read with an average of 2 to 3 minutes reviewing their statements, with 20% spending more than 5 minutes.

More information about the TransPromo Summit is available at http://www.transpromosummit.com

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One thought on “2009 TransPromo Summit

  1. Clint Bolte

    I look forward to attending my third TransPromo Summit this summer. I expect the trend of the first two to be continued; (1) more case studies from the small to medium sized B2C entities with surprisingly innovative communiques, (2) more interesting specialty vendors as sponsors, and (3) more international interest despite the lack of mail volumes in many countries.

    In the first two years there have been few potential new users in the audience. As the application(s) mature and the economics become clearer this should change. Perhaps this will be the AhHa year!

    Despite the sluggish economy companies simply cannot ignore extraordinary educational opportunities. And from my perspective, who goes to a half dozen leading international venues each year, this is expected to be one of the Best on the Globe for ’09.

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