Baker & Taylor (with Donnelley’s help) takes on LightningSource

By | June 4, 2009

Baker & Taylor, Ingram’s main competitor in book distribution, has announced a book-on-demand operation of its own, scheduled to launch in September. I talked to a B&T spokesperson, who made it clear that like LightningSource (which is owned by Ingram), the B&T service is designed for true run-length-of-one POD book printing. The actual production will be handled by R.R. Donnelley using equipment that RRD is setting up inside B&T’s distribution facility in Momence, Illinois.

This announcement is probably good news for publishers (since the service is likely to give LightningSource some needed competition) but not so good for digital book printers (apart from Donnelley) who may lose a chunk of business to the new operation.

The B&T press release is here

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One thought on “Baker & Taylor (with Donnelley’s help) takes on LightningSource

  1. MichaelJ

    Now that there is real competition in the space, the growth should accelerate even more quickly. I would be very curious to know whether RRD is going to also standardize the output on Oce devices.

    In any case, I think the opportunity for regional and niche players will continue to grow serving non publishing company companies. Every school district and non profit organization is a potential publisher.

    Meanwhile Amazon still has to get visibility. I seem to remember that they purchased an OnDemand book printer about a year ago. More recently they required book on demand offerings to be printed through their production facilities to be sold at the Amazon. Given that they sell direct to the public, instead of the traditional book value chain, Amazon may turn out to be the sleeping giant.

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