Is Transpromo Real?

By | June 23, 2009

In recent video interview Cary Sherburne, Senior Editor at WhatTheyThink as digital printing guru Roger Gimbel of Roger Gimbel & Associates if TransPromo is real. Here’s what Roger had to say:

What do you think? Is TransPromo real? Is TransPromo a service offering any printer can provide to customers?

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One thought on “Is Transpromo Real?

  1. Clint Bolte

    I agree that the question is not “if” but “when” TransPromo becomes a mainstream reality. However, I don’t see droves of new client applications yet because all emphasis continues to be on cost savings.

    1). TransPromo will certainly contribute positively to a new branding initiative, but this is an “investment” that not many corporations, save VistaPrint’s recent announcement is making.

    2). Saving money on inserts versus onserts is not striking a big cord as the number of inserts being used does not get the total package above an ounce, hence no incremental postage savings. Incremental printing costs of inserts continues to fall.

    3). So far the big blaring TransPromo horns are being tooted by the digital print engine manufacturers and select specialty software vendors.

    When the transaction printers acknowledge a significant shift of their existing client base to TransPromo, then hope will become reality. In the meantime there is much too learn about the successful tips from the early practitioners.

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