Personalized Direct Mail Drives Ecommerce at NHL

By | July 29, 2009

DMNews has an article on how the the National Hockey League is using personalized direct mail catalogs to improve customer experience and drive traffic to its ecommerce store:

Catalogs are often a more compelling way to showcase apparel. “People like getting things in the mail, flipping through and seeing all the options, she explains. “Sometimes, with our site, we have an overwhelming number of products, so to be able to sift through all of them quickly and easily in a 30- to 32-page catalog is easier for consumers.”

The marketer’s catalogs are heavily customized based on information collected online, and Warren notes that customization helps draw customers in to explore fully what’s being offered — both in the catalog and online.

“[When they] get a catalog and see their team on the cover, it makes them more likely to buy,” she says. “We find the more that we customize the catalog, the more they are going to purchase.”

Read more about how companies are using CRM tools to power personalized direct mail at DMNews: Mail’s multichannel power

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