The Printed Blog is Ceasing Publication

By | July 8, 2009

The Printed Blog a start-up that aggregated content from blogs to create newspapers has announced that it will cease publication. The Printed Blog Joshua Karp founder in a blog post cited lack of funding.

The Printed Blog published a printed version of internet-based content twice a day. Content was selected based on the votes of readers and their geographic location. In its short existence, the service produced 16 issues, distributed 80,000 print copies, and 100,000 copies downloaded.

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2 thoughts on “The Printed Blog is Ceasing Publication

  1. Michael J

    Just before this starts another wave of End of Print, I want to put in my chit. From where I sit, Joshua Karp had a great plan for an era of funny money. As near as I can tell he invested in getting to a scale that would interest a VC. Good strategy until the credit markets crashed in the last quarter of 2008.

    Moving forward I think a similar product with a different strategy might work. Instead of going for breadth of coverage, go for depth. What I mean is start with a definable community of interest. In NY it might be Park Slope. Gather all the bloggers focused on Park Slope. Then produce a couple of hundred copies using digital print tech. Take those couple of hundred copies to local businesses to sell ads. Once the ads are sold, then print the paper.

    It’s a bottom up model that will take more time than getting a VC to write a check. But much more likely to whether the unpredictable storms of big money chasing it’s tail around the planet.

  2. Michael J

    oops the last sentence should read “weather the unpredictable . . ” not “whether.”

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