Are Printers Marketing? Self-Promo Incentives and Giveaways Are Hot!

By | August 7, 2009

As printers and marketing firms begin to understand and embrace the value of applications like 1:1 printing, personalized URLs, and Web-to-print, they are increasingly seeking ways to communicate this value to customers. One of these ways is by using educational white papers as incentives for direct marketing programs.

Consequently, I’ve had a sudden increase in requests for white papers for this purpose. When I say “sudden,” I mean within the last two or three months. I’ve received a surprising number of contacts by companies, both large and small, looking for educational giveaways and incentives on personalized URLs, 1:1 printing, and Web-to-print to be used as downloads from personalized URL thank-you pages or as email-back giveaways in self-promotion programs.

For this reason, I have turned the “best practices” sections of my Marketers Primer Series into standalone best practices white papers.

What’s interesting is that, primarily, people are looking for giveaways for personalized URL campaigns, but they aren’t necessarily looking for white papers on personalized URLs. It could be white papers on anything, whether personalized URLs, Web-to-print, digital printing, 1:1 (personalized) printing, email marketing, environmentally responsible (sustainable) printing, or anything else. They just want something to match what they are promoting.

This is a really good thing. Why? Because the industry is using personalized URLs to promote more than personalized URLs. It is using them to promote a wide variety of products and services. Rather than shove the same incentive down everybody’s email tube, they are trying to match the appropriate incentive to the campaign.

Matching the right incentive to the campaign? Hey, isn’t that marketing? The industry is marketing! It’s a beautiful thing!

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3 thoughts on “Are Printers Marketing? Self-Promo Incentives and Giveaways Are Hot!

  1. Marion Williams-Bennett

    The really wonderful thing about giving away quality white papers like these is that it helps to continue the conversation with the prospect. White papers offer a way to help the prospect gain an new understanding of the technology that is not in the voice of a vendor. This knowledge helps them come back to you with thoughtful questions and ideas on how and what the technology can do for their business, making them a more qualified prospect!

  2. Bill Gibson

    I agree with the position that using “third party stories” is a very effective means of keeping the lines open between client and provider as well as white papers. The issue, that I am seeing, in keeping up with this valued information is finding a data source to pull down targeted copy and move it along to the client…I have stumbled on information and sent it along when it was a good fit, but in the heat of the prospect sometimes this information has a way of hiding!!!
    Bottom line…a data source with a searchable link would be of great value…AND it MUST be a trusted source…

  3. Michael Jais

    I think most printers miss the benefit of these technologies and most print sales people don’t have a full understanding of the white paper topic. Most printers look at using these technologies just to generate more print, and perhaps mailing/distribution services. While this is beneficial to keeping presses busy, it misses the opportunity to take this data and add more profitable value added services that can help their clients engage their customers more effectively.

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