Brand building and PRINT 09: Océ’s Inkjet Evolution, Part 5

By | August 31, 2009

Last time we talked about ways Océ is helping customers build business with inkjet technology and how market acceptance of digital print quality has changed. Today, in the final installment of this interview, Mal Baboyian talks about how Océ is changing the way it presents itself to the market at big venues like PRINT 09 and gives us a glimpse of what the company will have on display in Chicago.

NW: Océ used to show only its high speed production presses at shows like PRINT or Graph Expo, but at recent shows you often have one or two wide format machines on hand. Why the shift?

MB: Océ has one of the broadest product lines in the industry covering the office, wide format, display graphics, and production printing. But even customers in these segments weren’t always aware of our other offerings and capabilities and didn’t necessarily think of Océ when they needed a different type of equipment. Having a wider range of equipment at shows strengthens our brand by showing the full scope of our offerings and helps position Océ as a leader in more segments of the printing market. We also share some technologies across the different divisions of the company and are always looking for ways to leverage what we know. As I mentioned, our inkjet experience in wide format aided us in developing the JetStream family. Many of our customers had no knowledge of Océ’s breadth of solutions in the office, production printing and wide format segments. And many of them have needs in more than one segment .

NW: Last question, Mal. What else will Océ have at PRINT 09?

MB: The theme for this year’s show is “The Power of Color. The Speed of Business.” We think this sums up what the market is looking for and we’ll be showing both color and speed in a number of ways. There’s a lot to see and some of it relates to inkjet technology. As you know, there’s a lot of information out there and many of the claims make it hard for print providers to get a handle on the real costs of inkjet compared to electrophotographic or offset printing. This causes a lot of confusion in the market. We want to make it easy for print providers to make the change to inkjet when it’s the right move for their businesses, so as I mentioned, we’ll be introducing some new tools that help accurately calculate the cost of inkjet printing and show how it can work for a customer.

Then there’s the ColorStream 10050, the five-color version of the ColorStream 10000. As you probably know, we’re placing two of these systems at Jeppesen, the company that produces the charting and navigation tools pilots and airlines use. Being able to add the fifth color was critical to Jeppesen and why they chose this press.

As in the past, we’ll be producing an issue of the Chicago version of Where magazine, this time on the new CS665 Pro, but this one will contain examples of how CodeZ QR can be used drive more value from a print publication. Watch what happens when you take a picture of a CodeZ QR with your smartphone. We’ll be doing some other things with CodeZ QR too, so come see how this new technology works.

We’ll also have some fascinating new printable substrates you can use to build things, like furniture and trade show booths, for example. We’ll be showing these in conjunction with our Arizona 350 XT wide format system. Sustainability has always been important to Océ and this is a new way to foster sustainability in display graphics. There’ll also be some announcements in the cut-sheet area that we think will cause some excitement. All I can say for now is, Think Speed of Business!

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