We Have Enough Business, Thank You

By | September 15, 2009

I am working on a column and needed to look up the location of one of the companies mentioned. I looked all over the site and couldn’t find the location, just a phone number with an area code I didn’t recognize.

I needed the company’s location, so when all else fails, click on the “contact us” link, right? So I did — and I shrunk back immediately. The entire page was nothing but a giant form requiring me to fill out all of my contact information before I could send them an email.

It was an awful experience. It was as if they put up their hand in front of my face, saying, “Stop. No interruptions, please. Just let us know you’re there and we’ll contact you at our convenience.”

The company is lucky I’m an analyst and not a prospect. If I’d been a prospect, the message I would have taken away is, “We have enough business, thank you. You’re really not that important to us.”

What does your company’s contact page look like? Does it make contacting your company seem inviting and welcome? Or — like this company — does it make the visitor feel like an unwelcome intrusion?

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4 thoughts on “We Have Enough Business, Thank You

  1. Larry Bauer

    I’ve had that experience so many times, and I think it simply reflects a total misunderstanding of the fact that consumers now expect to be in control. A lot of old-line companies still have a mistrust of the Internet and want to continue doing business as they have in the past. It’s a new world that is passing them by.

  2. Richard Dannenberg

    Just had the same experience with a well-known software company. One of our PC’s was on the verge of crashing and the backup software we had purchased and registered refused to function, citing an invalid registration.

    The only way to communicate with the software company was by e-mail to India. The whole process took over two weeks to sort out, the machine crashed without a fresh backup, and we never really were told what the glitch was in the software that caused it to “unregister” itself.

    Short story . . . we lost time, data, and man hours far in excess of the cost of the backup software because of this company’s disinterest in customer service.

  3. Myrna Penny

    We call this the information and communications age, but the appropriate integration of all the tools and resources is sadly lacking. I too have found many sites that want to discourage the very important communications aspect of open dialogue.

  4. Biff Smiff

    I have seen this as well, but for me, it indicates a company that is not at all up front about their business practices. If ANY company on the web does not freely divulge a physical location as well as a phone number, I would recommend that you not do business with them.

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