Automated Dental Appointment Reminder Postcards

By | November 4, 2009

Print in the Mix is featuring a PODi case study on Henry Schein Practice Solutions, a provider of practice management software for dental practices, uses data-driven print to help dentist using their software reach their clients through automated direct mail reminders.

Nearly all dental practices send appointment reminder postcards to their patients to help reduce missed appointments. A missed appointment can mean an instant loss of $250 dollars in revenue to the dental practice. Practices that manually send out appointment reminders find the process tedious and labor intensive, requiring hours each day in some cases.

The case is available free of charge until November 30 at Print in the Mix: Automated Dental Appointment Reminder Postcards – PODi Case Study

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3 thoughts on “Automated Dental Appointment Reminder Postcards

  1. Michael J

    Great application. A modification could be used in the high school education business to notify parents when jr skips class. I think this tweet shows the opportunity..

    ” it’s not feasible to contact every parent re: every missed class or assignment, ”

    If you add the ability to send SMS to mom’s cell phone with the production of a postcard,, say every week or two with a record of what the kid did, I’m pretty sure it would be a very effective, low cost intervention to help mitigate the high school dropout problem.

    Given how much money is being thrown at the problem from government and private foundations, I bet that someone must already being do it.

  2. Lou Berceli

    Our town’s high school has been sending weekly EdLine e-mail notices to both parents and each student for years with grades (with large amount of detail for every quiz, test, homework and class room participation and the students attendance reports for each student.

    No need to waste money with print and mail…..This is all automatic, as well as the instructors must input homework assignments and deadlines for both the parents and students to monitor daily or as needed by visiting the EdLine web site with their password.

    For more info contact Pinkerton Academy in NH at

  3. Lou Berceli

    Regarding the school drop out problem …it is complex….but I believe we can also thank Microsoft’s XBox, Sony Playstation and Ninendo Wii, Texting….100 + cable channels, Instant Messenger etc….and ALL the parents and grandparents who helped our children’s generation with Video Game gifts for peer pressure….to become more addicted to interactive video games than visiting the library…..or reading books.

    Add up all the hours per week of electronic entertainment for MOST K to 12 student each week….and I can assure, it will far outweigh the total time spent sleeping, eating, reading, playing real sports, interacting with other humans other than video button competition…..
    I believe the parents and grandparents have increased today’s drop out rate in the schools by buying into this….now most 20 and 30 year old parents have grown up with the electronic culture….how many of them will encourage reading and study……I believe school text books days are numbered….soon most will be using readers far beyond the Sony and Kindle systems who are pioneers…Maybe video e-books can re-engage our youth to unplug some time from the XBox and Texting worlds.

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