NASCAR Drivers Are Not the Only Ones Who Need Sponsors

By | November 30, 2009

By Brenda Kai, EDSF executive director

If you have ever been to a NASCAR race or watched one on TV, it seems that nothing in NASCAR is without a sponsor. Cars are covered in logos and stickers, drivers have patches from shoulder to shoulder, and every race is brought to you by one company or another.

For companies shelling out $350,000 – $500,000 for each race, calculating the return on their investment becomes critical but complicated (some companies will count the number of seconds their logo is clearly visible on the screen, and then multiply that time by the going ad rate to get an idea of how far their NASCAR dollars are getting them).

Just like NASCAR, EDSF, the international non-profit organization dedicated to the document management and graphic communications industries, needs sponsors to invest in helping students stay on course with their education, however, unlike NASCAR, it’s easy to track the returns.

As part of EDSF’s month-long Annual Giving Campaign and Awareness Program, in partnership with WhatTheyThink and other media outlets, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Get acquainted with our Board of Directors
  • Become familiar with the Scholarship program and meet many of our past and present students
  • Meet the wonderful volunteer heroes and sheroes that make our programs successful
  • Find out the various ways you can become an EDSF sponsor

To get started, here’s a little about EDSF

EDSF’s scholarship program makes it possible for students to receive the education necessary to pursue careers in the document management and graphic communications industry. Since the inception of its scholarship program in 1999, EDSF has awarded 306 scholarships to outstanding students worldwide.

EDSF sponsors academic research grants and partners with major industry research firms, to provide businesses with cutting-edge data on trends in the document management and graphic communications industry. Since 2001, EDSF has provided 30 research grants, developed a grant/mentor program and published over 25 white papers.

EDSF also publishes the EDSF REPORT, a bi-monthly newsletter. The newsletter, which is edited by industry expert Frank Romano, EDP, professor emeritus at Rochester Institute of Technology, provides input on leading-edge industry trends, as well as promotes the research completed by EDSF’s grant program. All archived issues can be found in the Research Library.

Through recognition of leading educators and educational programs worldwide, EDSF continues to build awareness about career opportunities in the industry, while ensuring businesses have a talented pool of applicants to recruit.

More than ever before, there is a critical need for individuals and companies to support education in these challenging times. We look forward to sharing more information about each aspect of EDSF over the next several weeks at WhatTheyThink, and hope that as you become more familiar with the Foundation, you will want to become an EDSF sponsor, and watch as your investment helps a student achieve their dream.

EDSF Scholar of the Day
Laura Disanto, Drexel University – EDSF Board of Directors Scholarship 2009
“As a Graphic Design student, I embrace the academic challenges I am confronted with on the path to my dream career. The financial struggle of an education, however, is not an easily fixed challenge, nor one that I can solve on my own. I am incredibly thankful that EDSF is willing to lend a much needed hand as I further my education and grow as a designer. Thank you, EDSF – it is an honor to represent your fantastic organization!”

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