I Wanted a QR Code . . . And It Wasn’t There

By | November 21, 2009

I’ve been writing on QR codes lately (two-dimensional barcodes that can be snapped with a mobile phone camera or other scanning device and automatically take the viewer to a website with marketing or other content), but it’s rare that I see one in real life.

Last night, I was at a restaurant and wished there was a QR code and didn’t see one. It would have been nice to be able to compare menu choices on nutritional content. Which had higher fat content? The filet mignon or the chicken smothered in ham and asparagus? You’d think it would be the filet, of course, but with all the butter in the chicken dish, I wasn’t sure.

It was a nice Italian place, the kind that doesn’t post its nutritional content on the walls. With its upscale clientele, it would have been a perfect location to use QR codes to take patrons to a nutritional guide if they’d wanted to.

It just a reminder that there are places for QR codes all around us. Are you taking advantage of them?

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9 thoughts on “I Wanted a QR Code . . . And It Wasn’t There

  1. Chris Lakin

    We have started investigating uses for QR codes and have even put a section on our website about them. I have noticed that they are starting to pop up all over the place. I saw one the other day on the side of a building right in the middle of downtown Kansas City, MO. If I drive by it again, I will be sure to stop and take a picture of it. I am starting to get curious about where it will take me.

  2. Charlotte

    Having purchased advance tickets for my night ‘on the town’ last weekend I was impressed to receive my ticket in the form of a text QR code. On arrival I merely had to flash my text at the scanner equipped man and Bobs your Uncle- immediate club admittance.

    Sadly it may have been the most exciting part of the evening.

  3. Harvey Hirsch

    Maybe your new Droid will give you augmented reality and allow you to point it at a restaurant, see the reviews and favorite dishes so you can make an emotionally charged decision. It could happen.

  4. Michael Jahn

    I participated in a panel discussion at the Henry Stewart Events DAM (Digital Asset Management) LA 2009 conference – my presentation was sort of an “XMP in the wild” sample and example talk – how vendors are implementing XMP in applications and services today

    I user QR Codes in my presentation, so people to snap a picture of my screen and capture that vendors prodct URL so they could visit the site and explore it later.

    I even through in QR Code that Rick Rolled ’em, it was funny to hear all the ‘aawwww…” as they linked through – (smile)

  5. Lindsay Gray

    Heidi, I agree there IS a place for QR codes in a restaurant and AccuLink is building campaigns that prove it.

  6. Jason Pinto

    I must warn you — there is no guitar in this video. However, we recently published a video demonstrating one way a QR Code could be used on a menu.

    I hope you like it.


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