IMI European Ink Jet Printing conference

By | November 11, 2009

Andy Tribute recently attended the the IMI European Ink Jet Printing conference in Barcelona.

The IMI European Ink Jet Printing conference has for many years been the place to come to find out the most recent developments in new print head designs and support systems from the different suppliers. This would often indicate the likely trends of the market as integrators and printer manufacturers incorporated these new heads into their latest products. This year however was slightly different with hardly any new print head designs being announced. Instead once could say that this years conference showed a maturing of the markets as finally areas of the market that had been discussed for years as having potential for inkjet printing saw new products and approaches becoming available.

During the conference IT Strategies provided a look at the market adoption of new ink jet press technology:

The conference started with update given by IT Strategies on what was happening in the market for inkjet production presses. This was of great interest considering the amount of interest in this area at drupa last year. This update showed that this market has yet really to take off. According to IT strategies there were only around 80 sites around the world with installation of these presses predicted to be 325 engines (or between 160 – 180 systems with a system being two linked engines). In 2009 sales have been less than 2008 as the early low hanging fruit of leading monochrome installed base customers switching to colour have completed their purchases. It appears that the majority of installations are for either transactional applications or direct mail. It also appears that few installations are pushing the presses to anywhere near their production capacities. It also showed there are few installations carrying out publishing type applications.

You can read the rest of Moving Inkjet Technology into the Future at WhatTheyThink.

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