Are Loyalty Statements Transpromo?

By | November 18, 2009

On the Transpromo Professional Network LinkedIn Group, Elizabeth Gooding President, Insight Forums recently asked, “Do you consider Loyalty Statements to be Transpromo?” She states:

I get loyalty statements in print and online for hotels, grocery chains, credit card rewards and more — yet I don’t see many case studies on these topics (with the exception of Best Western.) These applications have been out there for a long time (all around the world) but I don’t hear a lot of discussion about them. Does anyone have any great examples of these types of statements? Maybe we can pursue those companies for an article and get some case data that way.

Pat McGrew, Data-driven Communication Segment Evangelist at Kodak says, “No question in my mind that the techniques we sometimes attribute to TransPromo – those that use customer data to create an integrated customer conversation – are conducive to loyalty programs!”

Pat shared the success of Australia’s Guardian Pharmacies Plus Points program:

One of the first application trials in Australia was for Guardian Pharmacies Plus Points program. Response rates exceeded 50% when they abandoned the plain statement and separate catalog mailing and incorporated the points statement with targeted offers.

What do you think? Do you consider Loyalty Statements to be Transpromo?

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One thought on “Are Loyalty Statements Transpromo?

  1. Clint Bolte

    What difference does it make? Except perhaps to those who want as broad a product definition as possible to push actual numbers up closer to projections.

    It’s a great application with broad appeal to software/hardware vendors and B2C companies of all size.

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