Making mobile printing easier with QR codes

By | November 17, 2009

Palo Alto Research Center has a blog post detailing research into making mobile printing easier with QR codes:

Currently, about 20 U.S. airports enable passengers to check in through a “mobile boarding pass”. These airports use special scanners to read the 2D barcodes displayed by diverse mobile manufacturers’ hardware.

We realized a similar technique could be used to “acquaint” a mobile phone and a printer, so that someone could easily print something from their phone wherever they are and whenever it’s needed (e.g., instructions, maps, notes, product information to leave behind for a prospective client).

To print from your phone, you first have to make the phone and printer “talk” to each other — which isn’t always easy. I don’t know how many times I’ve had to re-register my Bluetooth- or wifi-enabled mouse with my laptop; the irony is that they’re sitting right next to each other!

Interesting use of QR barcode technology outside of the many marketing applications we see.

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3 thoughts on “Making mobile printing easier with QR codes

  1. Michael J

    Good post to highlight the non marketing uses of QR. I noticed recently that Duplo “has been using 2d codes extensively” in their digital finishing solutions. And in the last month or so every large organization bulk mailings have a 2d code in the indicia. I know it’s not consumer facing, so I have to believe it’s for process control.

    The under appreciated value of 2d codes is that of emitting process information. In my opinion, the marketing buzz is mostly that – marketing buzz. But emitting process data without slowing down the process is a huge deal.

    For a newspaper it means metrics for advertisers. For education it means real time data for who has clicked on the assignment and who hasn’t. For the health business it can help give doctors they need to monitor compliance directly from the drugs packaging. For every enterprise, it provides a trail and a record for compliance.

    In the face of these important infrastructure informational needs, marketing is a niche market.

  2. Lou Berceli

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  3. John Foley, Jr

    What I see with QR Codes is the imagination of use. I have done my homework (no pun intended) – education has a plethora of uses of barcodes. From tracking homework submitted possibly or augmenting the homework with QRcodes embedded in the paperwork where the student could wave the Code in front of the webcam or the mobile device that brings them to the video and furthers the education. From inventory contents in packages to a QRcode to the web site showing the instructions of how to put the bicycle together along with video maybe. I believe the use and utility will explode here in the US once everyone thinks about how it will help them in their own businesses. How do you QR?

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