“The Future is Bright” Q&A: Dan Adler

By | December 15, 2009

EDSF volunteer Dan Adler, president and founder of DA Digital, has been a leader in the global digital printing and direct marketing industry for over 20 years. He is an entrepreneur who has built profitable service businesses based on the intersection of digital hardware and laser technology, software (many generations and applications), direct marketing response requirements and the increased use of versioning and personalized communication in all media.

Twenty years ago, he implemented the first PC-based high-speed laser printing production application with variable data. At that time, he designed and created direct mail laser printing campaigns for several real estate giants including Coldwell Banker, Century 21 and ERA. These campaigns became replicable international industry standards. In the late 80s, Adler delivered comprehensive hardware and software testing on next generation digital printing devices for Xerox Corporation.
In 1991, Adlerco-founded Lexinet, a direct mail production company specializing in unique and profitable digital print production utilizing Web ordering and online design. He created one of the first true 4-color variable print direct mail applications. He also implemented advanced web applications supporting digital color printing and continues to push the limits of technology to deliver effective, profitable results.

Adler is a frequent speaker at graphic communication events such as Xplor International, Graph Expo, On Demand, Seybold and DMA and PODI. He has served on and been a member of the Kansas City Direct Marketing Association, Xerox Premier Partner Advisory Board and Customer Advisory Council, Xplor International, and International Printers Network. He is also past president of the Imaging Network Group, an association of privately held digital print service providers.

DN: Please tell us about the EDSF Capstone Excellence in Education Awards Program.

DA: Education is critical to the long-term viability of the document management and graphic communications marketplace. Each year, five awards are presented to outstanding educators and groundbreaking educational and training programs worldwide. These awards include:

Educator of the Year
Two Educator of the Year Awards are presented annually to academic professionals. One is awarded at the college level and one at the secondary school level. These awards are presented to educators who are dedicated to the advancement of the industry through education. The individuals will have made significant contributions in the classroom with their students, in curriculum development and within the document management and communications marketplace. Each individual provides leadership, inspiration and enthusiasm in all that they do.

Innovation in Education
Three Innovation in Education Awards are presented and honor worldwide academic institutions and professional organizations for their educational and innovative efforts relating to the document management and communications industry. Recipients address industry issues, reflect state-of-the art technology and benefit the industry through their programs.

DN: Tell us a little about your role as chairman and the selection process.

DA: My role is to help manage the nomination and selection process. We have a wonderful committee made up of industry leaders that solicit and review nominations worldwide. In fact, we are currently accepting nominations for the 2010 awards and the deadline for submission is January 29, 2010. The other very dedicated committee members include: Eileen Cassidy, GAERF; Hamilton Terni Costa, AN Consulting in Brazil; Roberta McKee-Jackson, RSM Consulting, UK; Mark Weber, Kodak; and Don Dyer, Central Maine Community College.

DN: How are award recipients honored?

DA: Each award recipient is invited to receive their engraved crystal award at the annual EDSF Industry Leaders’ Reception held during AIIM On Demand. The award is presented by the industry company sponsoring the award. In addition:

a press release is distributed

recipients  are included on the EDSF website

highlighted in the EDSF Annual Report.

DN: How can a nomination be submitted?

DA: It’s easy. Just go the Web site at www.edsf.org and complete the nomination form.  Or you can contact Brenda Kai at brenda.kai@edsf.org; they will work with the person being nominated on your behalf to get the form completed.

DN: What would you like to say to companies and individuals about EDSF?

DA: The name of this year’s campaign is “The Future is Bright.” By honoring all the hard working educators, we can do our small piece to make it even brighter.

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