Digital Print for the Greater Good

By | December 3, 2009

With the economy staggering along like an arthritic, three-legged dog on serious drugs, most companies have cut back or eliminated many of their “community outreach” programs of social responsibility. This has left countless organizations that depend on the generosity of corporations feeling the pinch and cutting back on the programs and services they provide.

Happily, at least two companies in the printing industry are still fighting the good fight and are maintaining or have initiated programs that reach beyond their corporate walls and do so using digital printing technology. One is Océ, through its four-year-old Future Authors program in Palm Beach County, Florida, and Xeikon’s efforts at Print 09 in support of the fundraising activities of the Dana Farber Cancer Institute. Both firms have used their technology in ways that go beyond putting ink or toner on a page and deserve recognition for doing so in a time of economic stress and pressure.

Other firms in our industry are doing similar things, but these are the two that hit my radar most recently. If you know of other good examples please let me know. It’s high time that companies that do good are recognized for it.

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