EDSF “The Future is Bright” Q&A: Tawnya Starr of PrinterPresence

By | December 9, 2009

Tawnya Starr first learned about the power of the Web when she experienced phenomenal sales growth after launching a Web site for her printing company in New Mexico. In 2000, she joined PrinterPresence as president.

Starr has dedicated her career to educating the printing industry on all matters related to the Web and Web-to-print applications. She is recognized as an expert on Web marketing and how it enables companies of any size to save time and money while attracting and keeping customers. Starr is a published columnist and author, and in 2005 she received the prestigious Industry Award of Distinction from PrintImage International for her service as a consultant and educator to the industry. She has conducted hundreds of seminars and has been featured as a speaker at dozens of national and international print conventions.

Starr became involved with EDSF in 2008. She currently serves on the EDSF Board of Directors and the Development Committee.

DN: What was your first impression of EDSF and why was it important for you to become personally involved?

TS: My very first impression was that we shared a passion about providing scholarships to high caliber students needing financial help. I felt that this was an opportunity for me to use my experience to help with fundraising ideas, give back to an industry I love and know that my involvement is helping a worthwhile cause in a very real way.

DN: What are some of the goals you had as a member of the Board when you joined the Development Committee?

TS: One of the challenges that EDSF is working hard to overcome is lack of visibility, which is directly tied to fundraising. The first thing we addressed was the Web site. It was about 10 years old, had limited marketing functionality and did not allow the Foundation to accept donations online. EDSF desperately wanted and needed a new Web site that would allow them to grow. PrinterPresence was able to provide the Foundation with their new Web site. The new site quickly articulates their mission statement. They are now in a position to capitalize on this awareness campaign, and the online donation capability is allowing them to offer funding programs such as the Adopt-a-Scholar and Holiday Giving initiatives that would have been difficult if not impossible to administer before.  

DN: You mentioned your passion for student scholarships. Have you met any of the scholarship recipients?

TS: I had a chance to meet four of them last year at the AIIM ON DEMAND conference. They were very impressive, but need help to realize their ambitions. I can not express the gratitude they conveyed for the financial aid they received. The future of our industry truly is bright and in good hands with these outstanding individuals.  

DN: What do you wish other people knew about EDSF?

TS: We are part of one of the largest industries in the world. If everyone made a small donation, when added together we could produce phenomenal results in the lives of so many young people, their education and the future. I would encourage everyone to visit the Web site at www.edsf.org and make a donation, no matter what the size.

EDSF Scholar of the Day
Emily Chang, CalPoly – San Luis Obispo – EDSF Board of Directors Scholarship 2009

“This EDSF scholarship is important to me, not only because it will be a significant help in covering my school expenses, but because it has encouraged me to continue doing what I love. This scholarship reinforces my hope that what I’ve achieved so far is only a small glimpse of what I might accomplish in the future.”

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