Courier Acquires Highcrest Media

By | January 19, 2010

Courier Corporation, a leading book manufacturer and specialty publisher announced that it has acquired Highcrest Media, a provider of software and solutions that streamline the production of customized textbooks for use in colleges, universities and businesses.

“College professors around the country are flocking to this new technology,” said Courier Chairman and Chief Executive Officer James F. Conway III. “Using Highcrest’s software, they can create a textbook that contains only the information they want to teach from–eliminating waste and reducing costs. By bringing Highcrest Media to Courier, we are placing ourselves at the forefront of this trend as a strategic resource for a key customer base. Highcrest’s expertise fits perfectly into our vision and portfolio.”

In an article at WhatTheyThink Andy Tribute writes that the world of publishing has hardly been impacted by developments in digital printing. Almost all the developments have been aimed at short-run commercial printing, variable data printing, and web to print operations. It would appear that this year will see the start of a change as book publishers look to digital printing to change their business models to reduce their capital tied up in inventory. In the article Tribute asks “Is 2010 the Year for Digital Printing for Publishers?

The biggest impact digital printing has brought to publishing is the ability to support mass customization of printed products. A lack of workflow applications has hindered the ability of print providers to offer mass customization to publishing clients. The Courier acquisition is a perfect example of a need to provide workflow to drive mass customization and digital printing applications.

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