A Buyer’s Guide for Inkjet Presses

By | February 9, 2010

“Despite this slow take-off I do expect that this year we will see the sales of these presses accelerate into graphic arts and publishing applications” says Andrew Tribute. A recent article by Andrew looks at some of the key items that need to be considered by potential buyers of these presses. This includes substrates, ink types ink and the life of the print heads.

Following up on the technical overview provided by Andrew, Clint Bolte advises that every buyer regardless of size should have a third party lease expert review the proposed manufacturer’s or financial institution’s contract.

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One thought on “A Buyer’s Guide for Inkjet Presses

  1. Butch Porcaro

    A few years ago I read about polymer encapsulated inks that promised to expand substrate options and present “pleasing color” versus faded color. I believe this ink was developed my IBM’s labs and was foretasted to enter the market in 2010. Do you have any information on this? And is these inks and/or is this what is being offered today?

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