Multi-channel Tactics for Your Next B2B Campaign

By | February 2, 2010

Whether you’ve been testing multi-channel marketing or are onto your 50th project, you always want to generate the highest responses you can get. If you’re considering including outbound tele-marketing to confirm data accuracy prior to mailing a printed control, then sampling the data also gives you an opportunity to collect additional data both on the company and the prospect. All new data captured during this phase should be considered as part of the creative criteria when developing segmented mail drops and other contact points.

Another tactic is to parse your data for gender specific mailing drops. This requires manipulating the data for universal count breakdown to determine value of prospects by gender. The creative development portion should include variations of the print (and all derivatives) to include theme, color, illustrations and if possible, physical shape.

Here’s why.
Everybody responds to images that are familiar and it’s easier to imbed your message when the prospect likes what they see and have opened up paths to their frontal cortexes to you. I know, that really sounds insidious, but essentially, if your message does not get there, then you’re not getting the R.O.I. you deserve.

Also, if you’re incorporating on-line lead gathering as the natural progression in your goal, the personalization can continue by adding purls and sending them to gender augmented sites. Getting more of your prospects to opt-in for future communications touches using on-line content means not forgetting your basic copywriting inducement pitches. Too many times I read copy that makes no sense at all or is “afraid” to motivate the visitor.

Another pitfall, old static sites.
Even today, in 2010, there are still sites without any video content, which we know helps raise your Google score and encourage more hits, and that’s where you really have to engage your prospect in order to get them to share data (their personal contact info at least.) Yes, depending upon what you’re selling, small bites, even nibbles in most cases, become the goal. Surveys prove that video is more efficient at explaining the offer faster than just reading. Make sure you have updated your site before starting your program.

After the mail drop.
I prefer incorporating follow-up tele-marketing appointment setting for the sales force, but this is an optional B2B tactic. It should at least be considered.

And, when developing your analytical requirements, be sure to include actual launch dates for all contacts and include (if possible) times of day for person to person conversations.

I have found that in most B2B mailings, I receive the lowest responses when the piece hits the desk on a Monday. Higher responses on Wed. Same with telemarketing. Higher responses from 10am-12am and 2pm-3pm Tues.-Thurs.

Guidelines for Multi-Channel Programs.
I have created a flow chart/check list (fig. 2) for assisting you in developing your own Multi-channel program. It incorporates many of the elements that you should consider in creating programs for your company and, as a MSP (marketing services provider), offer to your clients. I am sure that this diagram will be modified as other 1:1 Multi-channel Marketing warrior’s send me tips to include in the next article so, as this industry is evolving so should this checklist.

Another unique mailer designed to stand out of the recipient’s stack of mail is this mailer featuring Piranhas in a fish tank. When the recipient reaches in to pull out the invitation, a Piranha on an elastic bungee snaps out of the envelope. Copy talks about “Join us for a bite and we’ll show you how to eat your competition alive!” Intended prospect is a male “C” level decision maker.

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  1. juan arroyo

    Outstanding stuff and evryone who is in business should reach out to you right away or they will be out of business real fast.

  2. Marc Daichman

    GREAT stuff as usual,plus I know you have some unique incredible smaller versions for smaller businesses,etc,amazing that no one else has done what you are doing,I know if I ever got that in mail,I’d be calling them right away!
    It’s all about being memorable,and getting results!

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