FedEx Office, Canon U.S.A. and HP Collaborate to Redefine Retail Printing

By | April 13, 2010

FedEx Office has partnered with Canon and HP to the sole-source providers and will deploy more than 12,000 new Canon and HP printing devices across more than 1,800 locations in the U.S. and Canada. The transition will to the new equipment will occur over the next 12 months.

“Customers’ expectations of printing have changed dramatically, and we are transforming our business to stay ahead of those trends and improve on our leadership position,” said Brian Philips, President and CEO of FedEx Office. “In Canon and HP, we are choosing two companies that understand our business and whose incomparable reputations, brands and histories of innovation align with our vision to bring customer ideas to life through the world’s best print-on-demand network.”

With this move FedEx Office hopes to provide a consistent experience across all of their locations. FedEx Office outlines their planned benefits in their press release

This announcement has to hurt Xerox who have had a strong presence in the copy areas and high volume production areas at FedEx Office.

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3 thoughts on “FedEx Office, Canon U.S.A. and HP Collaborate to Redefine Retail Printing

  1. Henry Freedman

    Love this term “sole-source.”

    Does this mean FedEx customers will not have access to
    Xeroxs new “high definition” printed imaging as deliverd
    by the new Xerox Color 800/1000 to be sbown at OnDemand?

    When a vendor sole-sources it locks both their and their customers options.

  2. Dave Young

    Deja Vu!

    I don’t know what possessed FedEx to buy Kinkos in the first place, but there have been a series of recoup attempts to get people to buy into their vision of integrated printing for the masses. Constantly switching “partnerships” from Canon to Xerox and back to Canon should give that industry pause.

    Their 36 original centralized facilities (CPC’s) has dropped to 21 (that wasn’t mentioned in the press release) but much of the mumbo jumbo in the press release seems to tout the digital front end – more to take the human element out of the transaction and match the customer with the equipment rather than provide any real service.

    I also note that this seems to finally announce the death of the Canon – Oce partnership. Is HP’s contribution just desktop equipment and wide format printers or are they providing Indigo production print equipment for the CPC’s?

  3. FedEx Team Member

    As a FedEx team member, I am extremely excited about the announcement of the HP/Canon partnership. HP/Canon build reliable equipment that prints with amazing quality. Although Xerox is a leader in FedEx Office centers, the reliability of the machines often cause issues in completing customer orders. HP/Canon equipment seldom fails. Bring it on FedEx! I can’t wait for this alliance to take effect.

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