Postal Service Submits 5-day Delivery Plan

By | April 5, 2010

The Postal Service has submitted its case for five-day delivery to the Postal Regulatory Commission. The filing on March 30th is part of The Postal Service’s Delivering the Future plan.

“The Postal Service does not take this change lightly and would not propose it if six-day mail service could be supported by current volumes. There is no longer enough mail to sustain six days of delivery.”

Mail volume is projected to fall from 177 billion in 2009 to 150 billion in 2020.

The Postal Service says 5-day Delivery will save more than $3 billion a year.

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One thought on “Postal Service Submits 5-day Delivery Plan

  1. Noel Ward

    Going to 5-day delivery makes a lot of sense. The alternatives seem to be cuts in services, fewer post offices and higher postage costs.

    It’s better to start down this path now than to wait until postage revenues and mail volume drop further. However, it does not have to be an all or nothing approach. A 5-day schedule can be phased in. More rural areas (I live in one) –where delivery distances and costs are higher on a per address basis–could shift to 5-days first. Then other areas could follow. People will adapt. Or get a P.O. box.

    From a different perspective, I’m interested in seeing how billers react (think utilities, all types of credit cards, etc.). Delivery of mail to a customer affects the billing company’s cash flow, so there could be push-back from first-class mailers. I’ve heard some anecdotal data on this, but nothing quantifiable. Anyone have some insights?

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