USPS, PRC and AMA – oh my!

By | August 4, 2010

On July 26th, Ted Kulpinski posted on “Fighting the Good Fight” in reference to the AMA’s fight against US Postal Rate hikes.  A number of people shared their perspectives on the lawsuit and related controversy.

The USPS has petitioned the Postal Regulatory Commision (PRC) to reject the AMA’s request. Jim Tierney at Multi-channel Merchant has a good article covering the issues.

My personal opinion is that the USPS needs the flexibility to renegotiate labor contracts. These “fixed costs,” which should not be fixed, are the underlying factor dragging down the basic supply and demand economics of our postal system. So – do you think that all of the postal workers should keep their jobs even if there is no work to do? Do you believe that a postal rate hike will cost jobs in other sectors? Do you think that reducing the amount of mail will have environmental benefits that will outweigh the economic impact? If you feel strongly about any of these issues – I’d like to hear about it (and you should tell your representatives in the Congress and Senate too!)

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One thought on “USPS, PRC and AMA – oh my!

  1. Al Kennickell

    I think most of us in the industry have not been aware of the fact that the USPS does not have the ability to alter current wage rates and staffing within their organization. While we all have to face economic reality in our businesses and cut jobs and wages it seems we will be hurt even further by the fact that the USPS is unable or unwilling to do the same. It is time that the federal bureaucracy needs live in the same real world of the small bussiness that pay the taxes to support the goverment.

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