Us versus Them: What Marketing Channel Prevails?

By | October 15, 2010

As I read more and more articles about the merits of using one marketing channel over another, I cringe at the word “versus”. Marketers preach that an integrated multi-channel strategy, from direct marketing to social media, will yield the best results. Yet we feel a need to pit one channel against another to see which one prevails.

In my experience, this “us vs. them” channel mentality becomes even more prevalent at larger companies where silos are built higher than cubicle walls.

In addition to the responsibility of the CMO, I’d like to see more positions created that are in charge of connecting the dots. Just like the game you did as a kid in your activity book after you completed “What’s wrong with this picture?” and “Which two are identical?”.

If more marketers in the trenches were charged with connecting how one marketing channel integrated with another vs (oops, I used the “v” word) showing metrics to justify their channel’s budget, results may be very different.

This may be a generalization, but it is certainly a familiar situation for me in past lives and companies that I have been exposed to.

I’d love to hear from companies that are doing it right. Then, I think they should share their lessons learned with others. Shout it from the rooftop. Blog it. Speak about it at industry events. This topic is sure to paint (or draw) one pretty picture.

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One thought on “Us versus Them: What Marketing Channel Prevails?

  1. lee weiner

    in today’s marketplace it’s not about which channel prevails but which combination of channels reaches the desired outcome for your campaign. there is no longer 1 silver bullet for marketing and with advancements in technology happeing so rapidly you have to be testing all channels.

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