Want More Results? Provide Multiple Paths to Response

By | October 22, 2010

Want more results? Provide multiple paths to response. It’s a simple rule, but it’s one that is too often overlooked, especially in the world of 1:1 printing.

There is such a rush to push recipients to a personalized URL, QR code, or response mechanism du jour that we forget that just because you might be setting up personalized URLs doesn’t mean that this should be the only way way people can respond to the campaign.

Not every segment of your customer base wants to respond the same way. Force people to respond to only a single mechanism and you’ll lose prospects and customers that might have responded given another option.

In “1:1 (Personalized) Printing: Boosting Profits Through Relevance,” I discuss how in one 1:1 campaign, the marketer offered recipients the opportunity to respond to the survey using a personalized URL or by filling out a tear-out card. It found a surprisingly high percentage of tear-out cards returned, many of them from older recipients who were not comfortable giving out certain information online. I also discuss how, in another campaign, the marketer found 65% of responses came by phone and 35% by personalized URL, even though this was a more Internet-savvy audience.

Give recipients multiple response mechanisms — phone, tear-out forms, personalized URLs, Web links, even QR codes — depending on the target audience. Heck, let them respond on your Facebook page, if you want to.  You don’t have to overwhelm them with choices, but give them a range of choices appropriate to the campaign and the target audience.

By giving recipients multiple ways to respond to the campaign, you may catch prospects who might otherwise fall through the cracks.

After all, this isn’t about producing 1:1 campaigns, QR campaigns, or any other type of campaign. It’s not even about getting the most out of your software investment. It’s about marketing. When it comes to marketing, we cannot afford to be proprietary about our response mechanisms.

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2 thoughts on “Want More Results? Provide Multiple Paths to Response

  1. Michael Simmons

    Rather than include several calls-to-action on the initial mailer save those for your second and third touch points. You’ll get over the “junk mail” stigma with a clean, PURL-only mailer that drives the user to a much better brand engagement online.

    Below is the type of microsite that will blow the doors off your competition and stay top-of-mind for months, not days. There will be plenty of time to put response heavy direct mail once you’ve eliminated microsite respondents from your mail list. This also means your second touch will be less expensive as you mail only those that didn’t hit their personalized URLs.


    You can reduce the high negative brand impressions of traditional junk mail with a clever online engagement.

  2. Marty Thomas

    I imagine this would greatly depend on the audience. An older audience might prefer the tear-off card. The younger is probably fine going online. Or am I just stereotyping? 🙂

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