Should Print Media’s Loss Be Direct Mail’s Gain? Ya Tink?

By | December 3, 2010

The November/December issue of What Advertisers Think  confirms that print-media buys are down. Why? It’s not about the money.

The article reports that print media decision makers are, indeed, super focused on price. But wait… there’s more …

“It’s all about the audience, both the who (composition) and the how many (reach). The pricing discussions only happen after it is determined that the magazine or national newspaper is delivering enough of the right target.”

The report goes on to affirm that print buyers have always struggled with the best way to measure the effectiveness of print campaigns. “The lack of accurate measurement has certainly not helped print increase its allocation of advertising dollars in comparison to more measurable media.”

The right target? More measurable media? Hmmm… Might we suggest… ahem .. digital direct mail? Thank you for your support.

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