What’s Your Idea of Nirvana? (Prize for best answer)

By | December 17, 2010

Elizabeth Gooding CartoonOver the past few months the readership of  TheDigitalNirvana (TDN)  has expanded pretty significantly; growing, on average, 15% per month for 6 months. At the same time, the types of people following TDN has evolved. Traditionally, a lot of our followers have been people working in the print business or managing print businesses of various sizes and types but, we are seeing a lot more people in other aspects of business communications services such as designers, marketing consultants and technologists. We’re also seeing more readers from the client side of the equation – print buyers, technology buyers and in-the-trenches marketing folks from a variety of industries.

Sounds good right? Well, yes it is – but it also means that there are a lot more interests to try to cater to. With all the different perspectives on digital communications – how can we keep everyone happy?

I hope that asking what you want will help us to keep TDN fresh and relevant for all its readers – new and old. So, what’s your idea of  Nirvana (in the form of a blog of course)?

  • Do you want more of a particular type of story?
  • Are there bloggers you just love and would like to hear more from?
  • Should we break out a few different “departments” to make it easier to find the types of stories you are most interested in? If so – what “departments” make sense to you?
  • What about the categories and tagging – are they relevant?
  • Is there information you would like us to cover that you don’t see?
  • Any suggestions for changes to the User Interface?
  • Have you subscribed to the RSS feed or the weekly news push? How’s that working?

Whoever you are – what can we do to make your job a little easier – or at least share your pain a bit (and maybe add a little humor to your day once in awhile?) I’m collecting ideas for a 2011 site update and really want to know what you think. So, post your ideas here, or find me on LinkedIn and help us keep getting better and better. I have hand-turned wooden pens to award to the two people who offer the best and most usable suggestions for improving the site. These were turned by my father in Oregon out of beautiful wood like manzanita, California olive and madrone. You can’t by them anywhere, they are only available as gifts.

I’m looking forward to some great feedback and ideas from all of you. Thanks for reading!

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2 thoughts on “What’s Your Idea of Nirvana? (Prize for best answer)

  1. Joe Manos

    Hello Elizabeth,

    First of all – great job on Digital Nirvana! I enjoy reading it and feel you are doing a wonderful job.

    Two ideas for improvement for 2011.

    First – one of my frustrations about some blogs is that they say all of the right things (which is good) but in most cases they don’t have the actual practical experience with the topic (example: Integrated Marketing Services / Cross Media Marketing).

    This is important because subject matter expertise is critical for some of the leading trends you are writing about. My suggestion – find more leaders that actually implement leading technology solutions and can provide the critical insight based on success and failure.

    Second – How about a meaty topic like Making the Transformation to a MSP and have an ongoing series with lots of real world suggestions for success that is posted weekly.

    By doing this your readers can really build a game plan for success rather than reading 500 words on what they aren’t doing correctly.

    Keep up the great work we appreciate it.

    By the way – if you are looking for help in the areas mentioned above we can help.

  2. Elizabeth Gooding Post author

    Hi Joe – thanks so much for the praise and suggestions. I agree that hands-on experience is critical. The only substitute, perhaps, is those people who are doing well-structured research on a particular topic (and may not be doing the hands-on work themselves.)

    Speaking for myself – I have over 20 years of hands-on experience covering strategy through implementation and doing extensive research on technology platforms and marketing approaches. I’ve also run a lot of RFPs for large companies which gives me a lot of insight into the buying process.

    I’ve tried to gather other experts here with that kind of depth in their respective areas (see the link at right to Bloggers.) A few relative new-comers to TheDigitalNirvana are Vic Barkin, John Foley and Nancy Scott. All of them have decades of experience. Vic goes coast to coast consulting on print operations and performing “green audits.” John Foley has years of experience on the software side of web-to-print operations and has recently established “Grow Socially” to help companies establish their social media presence. John is helping us with the kind of series you’ve suggested – helping printers and MSPs crawl, walk, run towards an effective social media strategy. Nancy is a highly respected marketing consultant who has authored five books, written weekly columns for USA Today, produced several print and online publications and really stays on top of what’s new in cross-channel marketing. All of them have a great sense of humor which I love!

    One of the biggest challenges of running a blog is to find great people like this who are willing to write in an unbiased way without pushing their own agendas. If you have people who can help us bring fresh ideas to our readers I’d love to talk to you. Happy New Year and thanks again.

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