Paper Still Works!

By | January 14, 2011

In 2011, more than ever we live in a technology driven society. Communication has become instant and it can be said it can be better. It is much different than say 10 years ago but is it still better than print on paper?  Does paper based communication still have a place in the world? Well let’s look at some facts.

Paper communication can’t be deleted, lost because of a power outage. Paper documents can be read no matter whether or not your monitor can display it. Because print and paper is a physical form it can be copied then stored in different locations! It doesn’t have to be charged.  You don’t need to reboot it and when done with it you can shread it or recycle it fairly easy and it is used again in some other product.

Paper can be fun, personal and important. Paper if you think about has a value in our lives. Paper based communication can’t be hacked. Your paper based bank and credit card statement won’t be compromised. Think about it how many of your important documents are on paper. Paper’s serious side can be the important letter from a college letting you know that you have been accepted. Paper can be that refund check from the tax man. Paper can be that birthday card from a friend or a love letter from someone important. It is still a very personal way to communicate.

Try sending your resume out on paper today. It will get noticed! Paper and print have a feel to it. It can be portable, taken with you and looked at whenever. On a plane they don’t ask you to turn off your book do they ! E Readers are all the rage but do you really curl up next to a fire with it  like that favorite book you have? When we look around us pape ris every where. Paper companies have made great efforts to lower their “footprint” in sourcing, production and transporting paper. Forest certification has helped insure things are being done right in the forest where raw material is sourced. Recycled material is at it’s all time high being used in many different paper based products. Renewable energy usage is on the rise and less water also is being used.

Paper also is sustainable.

So look at that piece of paper with informantion differently next tme. Print and paper is the original “wireless” communication. Paper Still Works!

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2 thoughts on “Paper Still Works!

  1. Iggy

    Should I print out this blog post so it can be on paper?

    Paper can be deleted (fire, water, dog eats it)

    Your paper based bank and credit card statement won’t be compromised – If it sits in my mailbox outside my house for several hours a day someone could easily steal it.

    Very weak article, Andrew

  2. Lisa

    Could not agree with you more! My daughter now has online textbooks…can I tell you how terrible that is? When she goes to read the book, it hurts her eyes to stare at a computer for that long. When she needs to print out a chapter, it usually does not format correctly, and when it does print, it sucks up all my ink in our printer! To boot, if she needs to refer to other areas of the book, she has to go back to the computer to search the book, which is frustrating and time consuming. She would be much better off if she had an actual book to hold in her hands, pages to flip back and forth in her search for information, be able to make her own notes in the margin, and carry with her to the beach or on a plane, both of which she frequents fairly often. It’s just awful!

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