The Shirts Have it.

By | January 18, 2011

 picture of Trish WitkowskiIt’s hard to believe, but to date I’ve done more than 80 Fold of the Week videos. The shirts that have become my trademark have been very popular with my viewers, and I get a lot of questions and comments about them. Many ask if I repeat the shirts, or of they’re new every time. It’s hard to believe, but they are new every week. And, just when I think I might run out of clever folding slogans, my mind sends me a nice little burst of ideas to get me through the next 5 or six videos. Even better, sometimes my viewers send me great shirt slogans to use. For those who don’t believe I could come up with 83 fun folding saying, I give you my list as proof.

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  1. Fold That Thought
  2. Respect the Fold
  3. Folds Never Get Old
  4. Stop Talking Start Folding
  5. Folding Knowledge is Power
  6. Where’d you get that fold?
  7. That’s Fold-tastic
  8. I fold you so
  9. Fold and Prosper
  10. Think before you fold
  11. Send me your folds
  12. Rock and Fold
  13. Be a bolder folder
  14. Keep foldin’ on
  15. Fold it or lose it
  16. Think outside the Tri-fold
  17. Know when to fold ’em
  18. Holy fold!
  19. This fold’s for you
  21. Will work for folding samples
  22. Keep your paws off my fold
  23. Stop, Drop and Fold
  24. Don’t just hold it, fold it
  25. Everything’s better when it’s FOLDED
  26. Gimme back my fold
  27. Folding Power
  28. So many folds, so little time
  29. Folding is a state of mind
  30. It’s Foldin’ time
  31. a FOLD to BEHOLD
  32. It’s a “fold” thing
  33. Get your Fold on
  34. Gimme the fold and nobody gets hurt
  35. I don’t do origami
  36. Today I feel like a: Roll fold
  37. Make Folds Not War
  38. Broaden Your Folding Horizons
  39. It’s Folding Appreciation Day
  40. Mind your own Fold
  42. Fold for Life
  43. Have you Hugged a fold today?
  44. Just fold it.
  45. What happens in the bindery, stays in the bindery
  46. Please pass the fold
  47. Folds for all!
  48. Folding is not a job, it’s a lifestyle
  49. Folds “R” Us
  50. Git ‘er folded
  51. Think finishing at the beginning
  52. What the fold?
  53. Fold for thought
  54. Let me fold that for you
  55. Back in the fold
  56. Lights, Camera . . . Fold!
  57. Fold-a-rama
  58. Frequent Folder
  59. A fold to feel good about
  60. It’s bring a fold to work day
  61. I fold paper, not laundry
  62. Honk if you love folding
  63. What’s your folding IQ?
  64. Thanks for folding
  65. Trish is my name, folding’s my game
  66. CAUTION: Folding Zone
  67. Old folds never die, they just crack under the pressure
  68. You gonna fold that?
  69. It’s all in the way you fold it.
  70. Another Day, another awesome fold.
  71. Foldin’ is Golden
  72. The world runs on folding
  73. The best things in life are folded
  74. Folding is as folding does
  75. pholdin’ it
  76. For the love of folding
  77. Fold Freak
  78. Life’s too short for bad folding
  79. Folding Nirvana
  80. I fold therefore I am
  81. Folding makes the world go ’round
  82. There’s a fold in your future

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  1. Alin Jacobs

    What a great idea. Kudos on taking differentiation into a new dimension.

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