“Must Take Action” Items from DSCOOP

By | February 22, 2011

As I write this, I’m in the Orlando Airport, waiting for my flight out from DSCOOP. When asked the most important things I am taking from the show, my answer is simple. This week — before the week is over — I am going to do these things.

  • I am going to add social media icons to all of my e-newsletters.
  • I am going to create a mobile website for Digital Printing Reports.
  • I am going to stop rationalizing a random, haphazard approach to social media marketing and assign blocks of time every week that I will use to implement a social media marketing strategy.
  • I am going to stop thinking of myself as someone who writes articles, columns, blog posts, and reports. I am going to think of myself as someone who creates brandable, repurposable content.
  • I didn’t develop this “to do” list at DSCOOP. I went there with them, but they were random, scattered, and — to quote author and speaker Brian Tracey, who spoke at the conference  —  part of my vacation on “Someday Isle.” By the end of this week, those things will actually be done.

    As I spoke to others at the conference, they were leaving with the same takeaways. Everyone seemed to have the same feeling about direction of the industry. Print is a critical part of the marketing mix and always will be, but the influencers about why and how to use print and which providers to use is happening differently than it used to.

    Members of this industry who do not develop a social and mobile marketing strategy fast — even if their core competency remains print — are going to be in trouble.

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    5 thoughts on ““Must Take Action” Items from DSCOOP

    1. Patrick Whelan

      Could not agree more!!! I’d write more but I’m busy on my structured to-do list. Someday Isle was nice though while it lasted!

    2. Patrick Whelan

      P.S. Your brandable content was a huge hit at Dscoop. We licensed many of the customizable QR Primers that you wrote and people were really excited about using them for their own marketing purposes.

    3. Heidi Tolliver-Nigro Post author

      Checking in on my progress. The first thing I’ve needed to do in order to tackle this list is fire my email marketing vendor because they don’t provide the option of adding social media icons. So that one was a no-brainer — they’re gone as of this morning. Setting up my account with my new provider now.

    4. Barry Walsh

      Brian Tracy was the highlight of a highlight-filled conference. I heard more than one person say that the take aways from that one hour were worth the trip to Orlando.

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