Sit Tight. It’s the Year of the Pitch.

By | February 17, 2011

I received a press release from Pitch PR touting a Chicago-area company that’s got “a new way for business to market their services electronically/paper-free.”

For $199 a year, Pitch says a business can go green, go mobile, and “stay in touch.” It can create “electronic brochures, flyers, messages, schedules, electronic business cards, and more.”

I checked it out. The enterprise is “a property of” a real estate investment company which specializes in lease-to-own real estate and also appears to be affiliated with a now-defunct appraisal company.

In 2011, promises will be coming out of the woodwork to “help” businesses get green, mobile, and marketed. For serious marketers, this can only underscore the value of experience.

For one thing, eco-conscious direct marketers are already stomping the carbon footprint. Meanwhile, “paperless” is by no means a sure sell. Both consumers and the government are increasingly suspicious of “greenwashers,” so the pros are keeping it real.

Mobile marketing remains tricky. Privacy Rights Clearinghouse says smart phone users are leery of marketing outreach to their devices and lawsuits are on the rise.

And then there’s direct mail. According to The DMA and other industry observers, in 2010 direct mail advanced as a trusted marketing medium.

That’s why, for now and in the foreseeable future, direct mail — along with all other serious opt-in direct marketing — will be the best channel standing.

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2 thoughts on “Sit Tight. It’s the Year of the Pitch.

  1. Amber N. Yoo

    Hi Nancy, I work for Privacy Rights Clearinghouse and just wanted to say thanks for sharing our fact sheet with your readers! Phone users are definitely skeptical of mobile ads, especially when they are received unexpectedly. Building brand loyalty and a sense of community and then offering opt-in ways to stay connected to the brand is still the best way to market, in my opinion.

  2. Nancy Scott

    You’ve said it perfectly, Amber. The PRC’s Fact Sheet 4 “How Did They All Get My Address?” is a good resource for direct marketers, too. Some of us might be choking a wee bit at the term “junk mail,” which seems like a thing of the past to an industry that has no desire waste resources mailing “junk.” Nevertheless, this Fact Sheet definitely lets consumers who want out, get out. And we LIKE that!

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