Sick of QR Codes Yet?

By | March 25, 2011

If you’re sick of QR codes, you might want to get over it. I just updated my 50-page QR primer (“QR Codes: What You Need to Know“), and what struck me during the update was the contrast between

  • the level of sophistication of the really good campaigns from companies that understand these codes with
  • the growing volume of useless campaigns from companies that don’t.

Characteristics of companies that understand these campaigns? The QR codes have a purpose. They are used as the right response mechanism to the right audience to accomplish a goal that really makes sense.

Characteristics of companies that don’t understand QR codes? They slap them on billboards, advertisements, and marketing collateral seemingly randomly to “test” them, then complain that they don’t work.

They’ll also send people to non-existent pages, send them to printable coupons that cannot be printed on a mobile phone, or point them to generic websites without mobile-relevant information that are difficult or impossible to navigate on a mobile device.

As I’ve written here before, QR codes are the real deal. Are you using them? If so, which camp do you fall into?

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5 thoughts on “Sick of QR Codes Yet?

  1. Joe Schember

    You’re right on track, Heidi. Too often companies rush to plaster the-next-best-thing QR Codes all over their collateral simply to portray that they ‘get it’. The truth is that most of the time they don’t, because they navigate the user to a traditional website that is completely useless on a mobile device!

  2. Romy Klessen

    … or worse yet, the code is _on_ a webpage. Then if I get curious enough to scan if off my laptop screen, it’s a URL — back to where I just WAS.

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