Using Facebook and LinkedIn for Your Peer Group

By | March 22, 2011

Have you skimmed through online articles thinking, “This would be great to share with the peer group”, but then chose not to save it because you’d probably forget where you would store it on your computer?  To prevent this, you should create a LinkedIn or Facebook Group for your peer group.  It can act as an online content library for all of the information you find that you would like to discuss when your peer group meets.

Here are some of the benefits of utilizing Facebook and LinkedIn for your peer group:

Worried about privacy? Keep your group private by simply adjusting the privacy settings.

Want to share information? When you find online content for your peer group, post it on the group page’s wall. By doing this, your group members will be able to review it themselves and develop their own thoughts of it ahead of time, the content will be saved for the next group meeting, and everyone will have access to it when you bring it up in discussion.  You can share articles, photos and videos.

Interact before you meet! If you have a question or comment you would like to ask before or after meetings, announce it in the “Discussion” section of your group’s page.  Members would be able to see this any time they access the “Discussion” section and they would be able to respond.  The members would be able to see all of the responses at all times, so communication opportunities are always available.

By using Facebook and LinkedIn as an online content library for your peer group, it will allow you to store and share information in an organized manner.  You’ll be able to share information and thoughts ahead of time with your peers, which will allow them to prepare feedback of it for the next peer group meeting.  Facebook and LinkedIn groups allow your peer group members to become more interactive with each other on more of a regular basis.

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2 thoughts on “Using Facebook and LinkedIn for Your Peer Group

  1. David Williams

    This is a great suggestion on how to share information that would be interesting to a specific peer group. I certainly appreciate the people that I follow who are diligent about finding and sharing useful information.

  2. Kevin Keane

    Hi John, as per usual, an excellent set of recommendations. I was on a conference call yesterday with Paul Reilly, former Mail-Well CEO and now with New Direction Partners. I made the observation that peer groups are seen by most printers I know as one of the most effective means of taking stock of your firms performance.

    As you know, being a member of both of the IAPHC groups I do the admin for (on Facebook and Linked In) as well as some other groups we both belong to, sharing content is so simple, and with a tiny bit of prefatory micro-blogging to set your readers mental wheels in motion, you can provide a very useful service to members of your peer group, network etc.
    Thanks John, for an excellent and actionable suggestion.

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