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By | March 10, 2011

YouTube, the video-sharing phenomenon all began during February of 2005, and ever since, it has captured the eyes and attention of millions of viewers. The vast variety YouTube offers allows people to view anything like the latest music video premieres, instructional videos of how to play musical instruments, the latest bizarre home videos, or educational videos of a particular subject. You could easily name YouTube as the new video-encyclopedia of news, entertainment, sports- you name it!

In-Plant Graphics YouTube videoSomething special about YouTube is that it makes it easy for anyone to become “broadcasters of tomorrow”. How do they make this possible? Perhaps it is because of these two very important details- making it simple and social media.

Simplicity is the name of YouTube’s game. Once you create a free account with them, you suddenly have access to share videos with everyone who has access to the Internet. This is fantastic news for businesses who love getting their latest news out to the public in fun and creative ways. If the videos you would like to share are on your computer, simply hit the link “Upload” and you can choose whatever videos you would like to broadcast. You can add titles, descriptions, keywords, and links to any of the videos, which is great if you are trying to create a marketing campaign for a business. You can even create your own company or personal page of videos, so you can have a gallery of videos that are all together in one place.

Now that you have your videos up and running, how do you share them? Social media is the best way for videos to spread rapidly to a large amount of people quickly. If you have Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn, put it in your newsfeed. Facebook has features where you can add the link of the video in your posts, which makes it possible for viewers to watch the video directly from their Facebook newsfeed. If you have a blog, specifically with WordPress, you can include the video directly in your blog posts, as well. Video-sharing across your social media platforms, especially by using YouTube, is great. It can expand your audience because not everyone prefers reading articles; some just simply want to watch a person talk about a certain topic. Creating videos can be fun, interesting and it gives you or your business a personal touch!

Vision 3 Summit YouTube video snap

Before you start, read these quick tips!

  1. Make them short! 1-2 minutes is all you need to be informative and memorable.
  2. Give variety! Humor, company fast facts, tour your office, and interview some co-workers. Show the social side of yourself!
  3. Bring YouTube with you! If you are going to an event, make a quick live clip of what event you are at and what you are there for.

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One thought on “YouTube: Get Your Own Channel

  1. Gee Ranasinha

    Video is a great way to get your business value message across where the web’s concerned. Video is better, I would say, than words and images alone. As internet speeds have increased and the relative costs have fallen over time, the web has moved from being text-centric, to text-and-images, to video (and now high-definition video).

    Have you noticed how short TV ads are nowadays? It’s not because airtime’s become more expensive, because in real-world terms it hasn’t. It’s because our attention spans as consumers has plummeted due to the huge range of media now competing for our attention on TV, the web and even mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets.

    Today, many of us use the internet to find information about companies, products or services. However, when a potential customer hits your website, they scan (rather than read) the text and make a snap decision as to whether you have a solution to their problem, before clicking away. The reality is, with a website solely made-up of text and images you may only have 5-10 seconds of their attention to get your message across. Ouch!

    In contrast, the majority of web viewers who start watching a video, generally keep going until the end. Sure there are big caveats – the video mustn’t be too long, too boring, etc – but a well-planned, well-constructed video will increase your chances of customer engagement and having the opportunity to communicate your business value.

    We use our 1 minute promotional video ( if you’re interested) to great effect on a number of video sharing sites (DailyMotion, Viddler, Google Video, Flickr,, etc.) as well as at tradeshows, in our slide presentations, and on our LinkedIn company profile.

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