Case Study: Using QR Codes as Sales & Marketing Tools

By | April 4, 2011

Grow Socially wanted to use a QR Code for Graph Expo 2010 in order to accomplish the following goals: attract people to the booth and be able to engage with people who may have not been spoken to by one of the sales representatives. The first step was to create a large poster that advertised a Flip Camera Giveaway contest.

The first priority was to have the QR Code be large enough for people to scan it from a distance.  The QR Code that was put on the poster is 12” by 12”.  Below is an offer for one of the sales representatives to explain to attendees about what a QR Code is.  The QR Code and offer acts as a buzz-creating method for a product that Grow Socially’s sister company, interlinkONE, provides.  Below the “What’s this? Ask Us!” comment are simple instructions of how to enter for the Flip Camera Giveaway.  Below that is Grow Socially’s logo.

Once the QR Code is scanned by the spectator’s phone, the phone will then open up to a customized landing page.  The layout of the landing page is a short survey, followed by a space for the person to enter their E-mail address.  The survey is:

Once the person completes the survey and hits “Submit”, they are entered in the contest, and Grow Socially is given great information about them.  For instance, the E-mail addresses of the attendees are now an opportunity for Grow Socially to nurture the relationship with them.  The first way Grow Socially nurtured these new contacts was by sending them an automated E-mail thanking them for stopping by their Graph Expo booth.  Other opportunities of nurturing would be to add that E-mail address to Grow Socially’s monthly eNewsletter, so the attendees could learn more about what Grow Socially does.

The survey questions in the landing page were a great sales opportunity.  The first question gives Grow Socially information about what the prospect is most interested in.  This will help sales focus on what to prepare for when contacting the prospect.  Knowing what the public is most interested about will also help Grow Socially know which of their services to strengthen.  The second question is a great tool for a sales team.  Depending on how the participant answered the question, Grow Socially sales representatives would be able to take note of when an appropriate follow-up with the attendee would be.  For the third question, if attendees wanted to become more educated on QR Codes, Grow Socially would be able to automatically send them one of their White Papers via E-mail.  These White Papers would give the attendee more information about QR Codes as an example.  Of course, a survey always needs the fourth question, which allows the participant to have particular questions and comments be addressed.

Once all of the data is filled out, the attendee’s contact information is automatically saved to Grow Socially’s sales database as well.

In conclusion, Grow Socially displayed a poster at their Graph Expo booth that seemed to just be a contest advertisement, but it actually acted as a sales tool for prospecting at the booth.  This poster promoted an interlinkONE product, captured prospects for Grow Socially’s sales database without the presence of a sales representative, and gave great information to the company about what aspects of Grow Socially interested their audience the most.

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4 thoughts on “Case Study: Using QR Codes as Sales & Marketing Tools

  1. Dick Rossman

    Good case study John but what were the results? Did many people scan the code and how many qualified leads did you get?

  2. Tom Crooks


    Great article. One of our local papers has a full page of business card size ads with nothing but a name a product and a QR code.

    Jet letter PSL has had them for ages — now we have to figure out how to capitalize on them.


  3. Michael Jahn

    So, today is April 11th. I wondered if the folks at Growing Socially were actually still taking entries and used my smart phone to capture the above QR Code.

    I expected that this would bring me to a “this contest is over, please visit…” or “we announced a winner, congratulations, John Doe!” or something like that, I was surprised to learn that not only is this Graph Expo 2010 contest still taking entires, but when I finished the survey, what displayed was “Thanks ! We’ve received your submission. Enjoy this years Dsoop !”

    So, does this mean they used this same QR Code for Graph Expo AND Dscoop ? Dscoop was February 17th – 19th, 2011 – and your post explains that this same QR Code was used for Graph Expo 2010 ?

    I would think this might get confusing, of course, I am easily confused.

    Would it not be simpler to generate a new QR Code to keep thing separated ?

  4. John Foley

    Wait! We take inquiries all year long! You would be surprised how many folks after a show still fill out an inquiry after an event is over. Yes we used the same QRCode with different redirects to landing pages for each event, and they were individually tracked and measured. Saves us from having to reprint the Poster. Thats my story! Thanks for engaging Michael as always!

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