USPS Mailer with PURL, QR Code, and Tear-Out Form in ONE!

By | April 15, 2011

There was a fold-out mailer on my counter this morning from the United States Postal Service. When I opened it up, I got quite a surprise. The mailer, which was promoting its flat-rate boxes and envelopes, had not just one or even two calls to action. It had three of them! All the ones we love to see: QR code, PURL, and tear-out form.

On the marketing letter was a QR code. When scanned, it took me to an easy-to-navigate mobile site that allowed me to request samples of the boxes and envelopes using an online form. For those not wanting to use the code, there was also a pre-filled insert that I only had to drop in the mail. At the top of the insert was tear-off form with a personalized URL —

Granted, there were oddities in the mailer. The USPS included a personalized URL but not personalized QR code. The tear-out form was prefilled, but everything on the personalized URL was not. (I assume they used the personalized URL for tracking, but since they clearly knew my name, why didn’t they at least personalize with that? Not to mention boost their form fill rate by prefilling the form with the information they already had?) Even the drop-down menus in the forms were odd in that the Post Office asked my ZIP code, then asked me to identify my state. Shouldn’t the Post Office — of all places — know that?

But the USPS got something right. It understands that not everyone wants to respond to a marketing campaign the same way. Some will want to use their mobile device. Others a laptop or desktop computer. Others traditional snail mail. The fact that USPS offered multiple ways for consumers and businesses to respond to the call to action (free shipping kit), I am certain, dramatically boosted the campaign’s success.

That they used PURLs and QR codes was very encouraging, too. Yet another high-profile marketer mainstreaming and giving a high level of credibility to these approaches.

How many ways do you give your customers (and your customers’ customers) to respond to a campaign? Do you force them into a one-size-fits-all funnel? Or do you give them options to respond in the ways they feel most comfortable?


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  1. Dante Hamilton

    How do you make a personalized QR Code?

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