Why You Need a Mobile Website

By | April 1, 2011

Recently, I asked the question, “Can they reach you on the iPhone?” Or any mobile phone. Your customers live on their mobile devices. How easy is it for them to communicate and do business with you through their phones?

I’ve heard it said that with today’s smartphones, with their larger screens and touch navigation, you don’t really need a mobile site. People can access, zoom in, and navigate the site you already have.

Technically, that’s true. But you have to remember two things.

  1. Not everyone has phone with large screen and touch navigation.
  2. Even if they do, it’s still a pain in the neck to move around. Why irritate them and risk driving them away?

But why tell the story in words when I can tell it in pictures? Here is my regular Digital Printing Reports website as viewed on an iPhone:

Here is the Digital Printing Reports mobile site (created with iflyMobi):

What a difference! When I saw the two images side by side, I knew I had to post on this topic. Sure, you can make the argument that you don’t need a mobile website, but when you see these images next to one another, it’s like getting hit between the eyes.

After having seen the mobile version, can you imagine trying to read the traditional site on an iPhone? How about a Blackberry with a screen half the size? Or a flip phone without touch screen navigation? Sure, you can ask your customers and prospects to visit your traditional site on their mobile phones. But why not make it easy?

Check out the difference for yourself. Use these QR codes to access the same content on the traditional and mobile site.

Traditional website:

Mobile website:








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5 thoughts on “Why You Need a Mobile Website

  1. Jason Pinto

    I just wanted to say thank you so much for posting this article. Most, importantly, thank you for sharing your thoughts and story in regards to how you came to the point of developing a mobile-optimized website for Digital Printing Reports. I think it looks great 🙂

    Also, I love how you incorporated the links that let people purchase the materials right from their phone.

    Personally, I’ve found myself making purchases more and more directly from my iPhone. I think it’s safe to say that mobile commerce will grow in popularity among smartphone addicts very soon.

    Thanks again,

  2. Louise Kralka

    Thanks for this article Heidi,
    We are a commercial printer who offers both print and internet services and since 2010 we have been riding the wave of QR codes and trying to keep our clientele informed along the way.

    Your pertinent articles on QR codes and mobile marketing help us to validated what we have been saying to our clients and we often send along your articles so that they can also keep on top of what is new.

    A picture is worth a thousand words and your two examples speak volumes. In the corporate business world that still operates mostly on BlackBerrys the difference would be even more striking. Very important to consider all devices and their inherent functionalities when designing mobile sites.

    Looking forward to more great articles,

  3. Make A Mobile Website

    I strongly agree to the fact that smart phone users always prefers to visit a website on there mobile devices rather than PC. The biggest issue here is that most of the website are not compatible to mobile browser, which let the user to switch on their PCs to visit a website. A website that is specially designed for a mobile device can easily grab more visitor and sales than a one which is designed for PC.

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